Date: 6 October 2011 VERSION 3.1

Understanding the MoU

Bodies designated for conformity assessment of measuring instruments, recognize the need for interagency communication. Governmental Authorities, National Accreditation Bodies, OIML and WELMEC have well established interoperability capabilities and mutual agreements in place. While these agreements formally extend beyond conformity assessment, they tend to remain governmental controlled and nationally oriented in practice. Today’s reality highlighted the need for a prompt communication platform on topics encountered by Notified Bodies performing conformity assessment of measuring instruments.

To improve mutual confidence in conformity assessment, the bodies have worked cooperatively on a communication platform for this branch. This platform establishes a common communication channel from and to the members on topics that are encountered in practice. This platform strives for international acknowledgement and recognition by governing organizations, public officials and public authorities. In this way, this platform will take care of general interests of the members.

Purpose of the MoU

The purpose of the platform is to optimize the circumstances and conditions under which the Notified Bodies operate and to make this transparent for the manufacturers of measuring instruments for which conformity assessment is regulated. Evident is that the platform encourages a uniform way of working of the Notified Bodies where this is necessary. The aim of the platform is to be recognized as the official representative of the Notified Bodies in Europe to strengthen a consistent legal metrology infrastructure. As such the platform strives to participate as valuable interlocutor in internationally recognized committees like EU, WELMEC and OIML. It is the moral obligation of the members to respect the work done by these committees. In that scope the platform focuses on the policy developments, and where required bring technical issues to the appropriate committee.

It is the common interest of the members to elevate conformity assessment of measuring instruments in the EU on a higher level, to improve the social position of the corporate Notified Bodies and to inform the members on relevant issues as regulations, technical issues and social developments, as well as issues related to the operation of the platform.

The scope of the MoU

The scope of the platform is Conformity Assessment of measuring instruments, such as described in the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on non-automatic weighing instruments and the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on measuring instruments.

Member Requirements

The platform intends to represent all notified bodies active in one or more modules of MID and/or NAWI directive.
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The Member is an EU registered Notified Body. Members shall fulfill the obligations to become member. Members have access to all communication channels (meetings and website) and have the right of voting. In case the member is not able to fulfill the obligations, its status will automatically change to Associated Member. Associated Members have the same access to the communication channels, but have no voting right.


The members participating in the platform follow the policy and principals of the EU for notification. Participation in this MoU is on voluntary basis. Costs and expenses for participation in meetings are to be carried by the member. The delegation representing the member in meetings is limited to maximum of 2 persons.
The meetings are open to members. Members have the right to bring topics to the agenda and have access to all information coming from the platform.

Members act in a professional way and promote assessment of the conformity assessment activities. The members acknowledge and respect the work done by authorities as European Commission, WELMEC and OIML.
From practical point of view the platform will take into account the consequences of their decisions for national verification and worldwide agreements made in OIML.

User procedures

Policies and decisions drawn up by the platform shall be set available for, and restricted to the members. In case of public interest in these subjects, the platform shall set these available to the public. The platform will make use of modern communication techniques to give members quick access to the required information, like internet and discussion forums.


The members shall agree on arrangements for maintaining the platform and its communications. It shall take all measures to establish timely and proper communication with interested parties like EU, WELMEC, national authorities and OIML.
Updating the MoU will take place after the members meetings and gains consensus on proposed changes. After establishing a revised MoU, members sign for acceptance.